Who are we & what do we do?

We are CBDSQ and we are on a mission.

A mission to change lives & perceptions with CBD.

We have designed our CBD range to help you be your best when you need it most.

All of our CBD products are produced in the UK & are in compliance with all UK law and regulation.

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  • Tracey W - 1500mg CBD isolate oil

    I work a fast paced, Highly stressed job and I used to struggle unwinding when I got home from work, Since using this CBD oil I've found it SO much easier to relax and "switch off" after work.

    Will definitely be buying again☺

  • Jenny Tilburn - 1000mg Broad spectrum bundle

    I came across this company on social media, At first I was apprehensive to try as I'd never heard of them before but after following for a while and after a few messages with the social media team i decided to get myself some as i suffer from a bad ankle and i struggle sleeping occasionally. I am about 2 weeks in now and the difference is huge, My ankle is MUCH better than before, to a point where i can actually go for long walk and i sleep so much better too!

    Customer for life!

  • Nick Preston - CBD muscle balm

    I suffer from pain in my knee due to arthritis and this balm has worked wonders on relieving the inflammation, I feel the difference within minutes of putting the balm on & it's an added benefit its all natural ingredients too!